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a decentralized ecosystem focused on revolutionizing gaming and entertainment through blockchain technology. It aims to provide a secure, transparent, and participatory platform where digital creators can monetize their content, and fans can actively support and engage with their favorite creators.

Introducing MithPlay: Your Gateway to the Future of GameFi

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of MithPlay, our new GameFi platform, born from the acquisition of Bora. MithPlay combines the best of gaming and blockchain technology to create a decentralized, transparent, and rewarding ecosystem for gamers and developers.

What is Mithera?

Mithera envisions a future where the gaming and entertainment industries are transformed into more secure, transparent, and participatory systems. By integrating blockchain technology and fostering innovation, Mithera aims to create an environment where digital creators can thrive, fans can actively engage, and gamers can benefit from their in-game achievements. Through initiatives like MithPlay, Mithera is leading the way in pioneering the future of digital entertainment.



MediaX provides a platform that connects creators of all sorts (musicians, actors & content creators) to their fans, these creators can post an ongoing projects and their fans can invest into such projects



GoConcert by Mithera, a platform that makes it possible for fans to access concert tickets globally at a discounted rate based on the participation level in the Mithera ecosystem.



MithPlay aims to create a dynamic, user-centric platform that not only entertains but also empowers its users financially. Users will be able to play games and earn Mithera points which can be converted to Mithera tokens.

08 June

10am CST

Announcing the Launch of MithPlay: A New Era in Gaming and Entertainment

We are excited to announce the launch of MithPlay, the latest addition to the Mithera decentralized ecosystem! With the acquisition of Bora, Mithera is now poised to revolutionize the gaming and entertainment industries by integrating GameFi elements into our platform.

Jeffery Huang​

CEO, Mithera

Major Investors and Partners

We’re working with some of the best names in Blockchain Investments, Security and Verifiable Credentials.

Mithera Wallet

If you’re new to Mithera or part of the old ecosystem, get yourself acquainted with our wallet infrastructure to have a safe start to your Mithera journey.

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Mithera was first created as a result of partnership between Jeffery Huang (Mithril Founder) and Paul Veradittakit​ (Co-founder of Pantera Capital)

Jeffery Huang

Founder, M17, Mithril and Mithera

Paul Veradittakit

Co-founder & Partner, Pantera Capital

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